Welcome to the Green Wyvern!

The club is dedicated to organising cruises on the Norfolk Broads and teaching young people from twelve years of age how to sail on traditional broads yachts.

The RYA Training Centre LogoWe are a Royal Yachting Association Training Centre and have five one week cruises planned for this year.

  • Easter Week:  20th April to 27th April 2019
  • Summer Week 1:   20th July to 27th July 2019 – Cancelled
  • Summer Week 2:  27th July to 3rd August 2019
  • Summer Week 3:  3rd August to 10th August 2019
  • Summer Week 4:  10th August to 16th August 2019

For a list of all our events this year please visit our Calendar page and for our booking forms please go here.

If you would like further information about general administration, boat owners, club events other than RYA Training Weeks or Races, please contact our Club Secretary, Mike Burwood at secretary@greenwyvern.org.uk.

If you would like more information about our RYA training weeks, please contact our Sailing Secretary, Lisa Reed at sailingsecretary@greenwyvern.org.uk.

If you would like information about the RYA Training Curriculum and Certification, please contact our Chief Instructor, Jonathan Winterton at chiefinstructor@greenwyvern.org.uk..

If you would like further details of the Round the Island Race or the Cecil Howard Race please contact our Vice Commodore, Mark Thorne at vicecommodore@greenwyvern.org.uk.

2018 GWYC Data Policy


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5 Responses to Welcome to the Green Wyvern!

  1. Roger Jay says:

    13th July. Very nice article in the EDP online today. Well done Jonathan and good luck to all with the cruise to Rockland. Good to see info when living in Spain, Roger

  2. james dalby says:

    i am amazed to see the GreenWyvern Y C is still sailing although i never attended i remember the tales of it from boys who did .One was of them being invited onto the boat of george formby by the star himself if this was true it was 1955-59 period congratulations and good luck jim dalby

  3. peterapplemac says:

    I just googled Green Wyvern and came across the website of my old sailing club – I first sailed in 1956 aboard the Norman, I think she was 18ft long, the smallest in the fleet at that time – there were three of us, Gordon ?, a schoolmaster from Fakenham, the skipper, Allen Chapell, crew man and myself, the cabin boy – Allen and I were from Alderman Newtons School – I enjoyed it so much that I went the next year, as a crew member, aboard the Hornet 1 – I think that Bert Howard was the skipper – In 1958 i had 2 weeks away, once again on the Hornet 1 – I was 1st mate and (Professor) Jack Plumb was the skipper – I can still remember some of the other boats – the Hope, brought in from Burgh Castle, and the only boat with an engine, the Genesa, an ex racing yacht and the only one with a cut down mast and a bowsprit, and the Harvest and Silver Moons – We used to have about seven boats in all on any one week –
    If any old member has the words to the Club Song I would dearly like a copy, sung to ” We are poor little lambs who have lost our way ”
    from an Old Newtonian 1955/58 – Peter Grimley
    p.s. I have discovered two older members in my village who I will acquaint with the website

    • Phil Marshall says:


      And here are the words…

      We have missed the tide at Yarmouth,
      Touched those Burgh Castle flats,
      Heard the rustle of the reeds in ‘No Man’s Friend.’
      We have passed the mill at Berney
      From an early morning start,
      Made a leeward landing, sweet, on Cantley bend.
      Yes, we know these Southern waters,
      Every muddy bank and shoal;
      We have weathered storm and gale in every reach;
      And we’ll beat through Breydon Water
      Whilst stick and sheet shall last . . .
      Then we’ll die and be dismasted like the rest.

      We have lain at Somerleyton
      When an evening breeze fell out,
      Dropped a peak at Thorpe when running well to rear.
      We have eased our way from Oulton,
      Made that well-known lunch-time halt
      For the pleasure of a pint of panacea.
      Yes we blazed the trail to Rockland
      In the cruise of ’52,
      Dropped a quant by night on Breydon’s muddy shore.
      And we’ll shoot the bridge at Beccles
      Whilst tabernacles last,
      Then broach-to and break our booms just like the rest.

      We have broken tacks at Stracey
      Set Hope’s jib upside down,
      Shipped it green when running down the lower Yare.
      We have run for Stokesby Ferry
      With a Roger hard astern,
      When two Moons, dismasted, finished worse for wear.
      Yes, we went aground in Norwich,
      Passed the Beauchamp by the lee,
      Heard ‘September in the Rain’ at Harry Young’s,
      and we’ll make the ‘Ship’ at Reedham
      Whilst Pirate’s bows shall last;
      Then we’ll sink and split our bowsprits like the rest.

      We’re poor liitle lambs who have gone astray
      Baa, baa, baa;
      We’re little black sheep who have lost our way,
      Baa, baa, baa.