The club will hold members data such as name, address, date of birth, e mail and contact numbers for all members and will be held securely in password protected files by the club secretaries. This information will only be used by the secretariat for the purpose of contacting members about club events in the form cruising, racing , social and the club newsletter. The information held may be used to contact members about events of interest for other clubs but will not be released to them. The club has access to additional information for regular sailors in the form of bank details and significant medical conditions. Access to bank details are via the treasurer and are held in our online high street bank. Any medical details disclosed are held in password protected files by the sailing secretary and are only used to inform the skipper and mate of a boat on which that individual sails in order to provide a safe sailing environment for that individual.

This data is being held by the club under section (f) Legitimate Interests of GDPR as per the ICO guidelines. It is the view of the committee that this information is fundamental to the running of the club and if the club does not retain this information it is likely to be unable to interact with members. Under GDPR any member is at liberty to request that the club removes any data that it holds on them and this will be actioned within the timelines set out in GDPR.

GWYC Data Policy