Green Wyvern Yachting Club Calendar 2021 – Last update 30th July 2021

Please note all plans are provisional due to Covid.  Most likely all RYA Training Cruises are cancelled.  Date shown as placeholders for now.


2021 (unless otherwise stated)

Committee Meeting 1      Sat 23rd Jan, 18:00 via Zoom
Spring Working Week      CANCELLED
Committee Meeting 2      Sat 20th March 17:30 via Zoom
Spring Working Week Supper      CANCELLED
Committee Meeting 3      Sat 17th April 17:30 via Zoom
Instructor Training Course (External, RYA)      Possibly later in the year
Rigging Party      CANCELLED
Easter Cruise      CANCELLED
Tony Tomkins Cruise – BOFF      CANCELLED
Committee Meeting 4      TBA – tie in with races below
*Perryman Race – (YSC)      Sat 29th May – Somerleyton to Beccles – see Yare Sailing Club for updates
Spring Cruise – BOFF      CANCELLED
*Three Rivers Race      Sat 5th – Sun 6th June – see for updates
Club Internal Training Weekend (Skippers, Mates & Instructors)      CANCELLED
Committee Meeting 5      TBA
Summer Cruise Week 1      CANCELLED – 24-31 Jul
*Wroxham Week (NBYC)      Mon 26th July – Sat 31st July
Summer Cruise Week 2      CANCELLED – 31 Jul – 7 Aug
Summer Cruise Week 3      CANCELLED – 7-14 Aug
Summer Cruise Week 4      CANCELLED – 14-20 Aug
Round the Island Race      CANCELLED – Sat 21st August, Somerleyton
Round the Island Post Race Supper      CANCELLED – Sat 21st August – TBA
*Oulton Week (WOBYC)      Sun 22nd – Fri 27th August
Committee Meeting 6      Sat 4th September, 17:30 The Reedcutter Inn, Cantley TBC
Cecil Howard Pre-Race Supper      CANCELLED
Cecil Howard Memorial Race      Sun 5th September, Start Cantley – Finish Coldham Hall
Autumn BOFF Cruise      TENTATIVELY Mon 6th – Fri 10th September
*Yare Navigation Race (CHSC)      Sat 11th September
Committee Meeting 7      Sat 30th October, 17:30, – TBC
De Rigging Party      Sat 30th October, 19:30, – TBC
AGM      Sun 31st October, 10:00, – TBC
Christmas Party      Sat 11th Dec, – TBC
BOFF – Boat Owners, Family and Friends.
* Other Club events – These are included for information.