Green Wyvern Yachting Club Calendar 2020 – UPDATING IN PROGRESS.

See Cruises and Races page for those dates.


2020 (unless otherwise stated)

Committee Meeting 1 Sat 11th Jan, 17:30, The Reedcutter Inn, Cantley.
Spring Working Week CANCELLED
Committee Meeting 2 CANCELLED
Spring Working Week Supper CANCELLED
Committee Meeting 3 VIDEO CONFERENCE
Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) Reschedule – TBD
Rigging Party CANCELLED
Easter Cruise CANCELLED
Tony Tomkins Cruise – BOFF CANCELLED
Committee Meeting 4 CANCELLED
*Perryman Race – (YSC) CANCELLED
Spring Cruise – BOFF2 CANCELLED
*Three Rivers Race CANCELLED
Club Internal Training Weekend (Skippers, Mates & Instructors) CANCELLED
Committee Meeting 5 Sat 4th July, 17:30, The Reedcutter Inn, Cantley or TBD
Summer Cruise Week 1 CANCELLED
Summer Cruise Week 2 CANCELLED
*Wroxham Week (NBYC) Sun 26th July to Sun 2nd August
Summer Cruise Week 3 CANCELLED
Summer Cruise Week 4 CANCELLED
Round the Island Race  CANCELLED
Round the Island Post Race Supper  CANCELLED
*Oulton Week (WOBYC) Sun 23rd – Wed 26th August
Committee Meeting 6 TENTATIVELY Sat 5th September, 17:30, TBC
Cecil Howard Pre-Race Supper.  CANCELLED
Cecil Howard Memorial Race  CANCELLED
Autumn BOFF Cruise  TENTATIVELY Mon 7th – Fri 11th September – TBC
*Yare Navigation Race (CHSC)  CANCELLED
Committee Meeting 7 TENTATIVELY Sat 31st October, 17:30, – TBC
De Rigging Party TENTATIVELY Sat 31st October, 19:30, – TBC
AGM TENTATIVELY Sun 1st November, 10:00, (Location TBC)
Christmas Party TENTATIVELY Sat 5th Dec, TBC
1 – Bank Holiday is Fri not Mon due to VE day. (Gather Thur eve or early Fri)
2 – BOFF – Boat Owners, Family and Friends.
3- Spring Cruise – An informal cruise, boats may participate as they wish, normally follows the Perryman race, some sail for the entire week and others for the weekend only.
* Other Club events – These are included for information.