The Green Wyvern was established in 1947 by Bert and Cecil Howard to teach youngsters how to sail. The name and burgee design come from the two schools in Leicester where Bert and Cecil were teaching. The Green is for Alderman Newton’s school, whose boys wore a green blazer with a red badge. The Wyvern is for City Boys’ School whose blazer badge was a wyvern – the emblem of the city of Leicester.

Bert and Cecil had been visiting the Broads since the thirties and had brought small parties of school children to learn about sailing and this ended up as the basis for the Green Wyvern. In 1947, several boats were hired and a full scale cruise was organised. The Green Wyvern had arrived!

Year after year more children were coming and some of the older ones became skippers and then teachers who started to bring children. Eventually a cruise would often consist of boys from a variety of places around the country. The Green Wyvern net was very wide.

Sixty plus years on and in the new world of Health and Safety, the club no longer has a large intake of new blood from its traditional school sources and, while maintaining the ‘old club’ philosophy, the Green Wyvern is looking ahead and is recruiting from alternative sources.